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The Center for Functional Genomics has as its mission to unify basic research efforts at Northwestern University focused on understanding gene function. Research within the Center has the following goals:

  • To use phenotype-driven, forward genetic approaches to identify genetic pathways to understand gene function
  • To use functional, expression-driven approaches to elucidate gene function
  • To use and develop informatics tools for analysis of complex phenotypic data as well as gene expression and sequence information
  • To develop and implement new approaches to study gene functions on a genome-wide scale

The CFG is the home to two major initiatives to develop and share mouse genetic resources for the study of nervous system function and behavior:

Developing and Distributing New Mouse Models for Neuroscience Research
A Trans-NIH Initiative

NIH Neurogenomics Project
Genetic Strategies to Identify Genes Involved in Nervous System Function and Behavior
Funded by NIH

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